Games tagged Ambient
# Game Release date
Score rank
(Userscore / Metascore)
Playtime (Median)
1 Osmos Aug 18, 2009 $9.99N/A (N/A/80%)200,000 .. 500,0000%00:00 (00:00)Hemisphere GamesHemisphere Games
2 Incredipede Mar 18, 2013 $9.99N/A (N/A/74%)50,000 .. 100,0000%00:00 (00:00)Colin Northway with art by Thomas ShahanNorthway Games
3 OVIVO May 12, 2017 $4.99N/A (N/A/71%)50,000 .. 100,0000%00:00 (00:00)IzHardIzHard
4 Showdown Bandit Sep 17, 2019 N/AN/A (N/A)50,000 .. 100,0000%00:00 (00:00)Kindly BeastKindly Beast
5 Agent-00 May 25, 2020 FreeN/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Not A Serious Game StudioNot A Serious Game Studio
6 My Hole is a Mouth of Dirt Apr 13, 2020 FreeN/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Yai GameworksYai Gameworks
7 NUMTATE Feb 20, 2020 $2.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Michael MaasMichael Maas
8 Relax Simulator Feb 7, 2020 $1.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Flying. Stone. ProductionFlying. Stone. Production
9 RESONARK X Jul 31, 2020 $12.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)sep-neko-yasep-neko-ya
10 Lorera Jul 15, 2020 $9.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)96Brothers96Brothers
11 Cuit Apr 27, 2017 FreeN/A (N/A)0 .. 20,0000%00:00 (00:00)Class-X GamesClass-X Games
12 soundStrider Jul 10, 2020 $9.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)shiftBacktickshiftBacktick
13 Patterna Oct 3, 2016 $6.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Sebastian SchönerSebastian Schöner
14 Puzzle Party Jun 15, 2020 $4.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Kris Patrick, Alexis RuizKrispy Animation
15 Wooden House Sep 5, 2016 $0.99N/A (N/A)20,000 .. 50,0000%00:00 (00:00)GDNomadInfernal Dream
16 Zeph Jun 4, 2020 $3.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Grannus GamesGrannus Games
17 Mountain Jul 1, 2014 $0.99N/A (N/A)200,000 .. 500,0000%00:00 (00:00)David OReillyDouble Fine Presents, David OReilly
18 Tiny Bubbles May 8, 2018 $9.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Pine Street Codeworks LLCPine Street Codeworks LLC
19 Relaxicon Mar 6, 2018 $7.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Kodo LinijaKodo Linija
20 Containment Feb 9, 2018 $1.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Finite Reflection StudiosFinite Reflection Studios
21 Kristallijn Oct 1, 2020 $4.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Gaël BourhisGaël Bourhis
22 Terroir Sep 20, 2017 $7.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)General Interactive Co.General Interactive Co.


Games with this tag: 22
Average userscore: N/A%
Average metascore: 75%
Average playtime: 00:00
Total copies owned: 1,136,000
Average price: $6.32

Owners: Estimated number of people owning this game. The number might be way too small for new releases and sometimes way too big for games that had free weekend event recently. Read more on About page.

Playtime: Average hours played in total per person that have actually launched this game since March 2009. This time is calculated for the whole lifetime, not for the particular year.

Average score: Average users and metacritic score for all games with this score assigned.

Average playtime: Average lifetime playtime for all games where this data is available.

Games in this genre: Self-explaining - number of games with this tag. Only inculdes games with sales data available.

Total copies owned: Refers to total copies of games with this tag acquired by users for the lifetime. Includes copies sold, downloaded for free and given out.

This number might be too small for recently released games or too big for games that had a free weekend in the last couple of months.


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