Games released in Dec 2011
# Game Release date
Score rank
(Userscore / Metascore)
Playtime (Median)
1 Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition Dec 2, 2011 $19.99N/A (N/A/92%)500,000 .. 1,000,00000:00 (00:00)Stardock EntertainmentStardock Entertainment
2 Fable - The Lost Chapters Dec 19, 2011 $9.99N/A (N/A/83%)500,000 .. 1,000,00000:00 (00:00)Lionhead StudiosMicrosoft Studios
3 EverQuest II Dec 7, 2011 FreeN/A (N/A/83%)500,000 .. 1,000,00000:00 (00:00)Daybreak Game CompanyDaybreak Game Company
4 Demigod Dec 14, 2011 $9.99N/A (N/A/76%)100,000 .. 200,00000:00 (00:00)Gas Powered GamesStardock Entertainment
5 Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon Dec 14, 2011 $9.99N/A (N/A/69%)50,000 .. 100,00000:00 (00:00)Vicious Cycle Software, Inc.D3Publisher of America, Inc.
6 Postal III Dec 21, 2011 $11.99N/A (N/A/24%)50,000 .. 100,00000:00 (00:00)TrashmastersAkella
7 Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction Dec 13, 2011 $9.99N/A (N/A/23%)200,000 .. 500,00000:00 (00:00)Team 6 StudiosStrategy First
8 Airport Madness 4 Dec 1, 2011 $4.99N/A (N/A)20,000 .. 50,00000:00 (00:00)Big Fat Simulations Inc.Big Fat Simulations Inc.
9 Crazy Machines Elements Dec 6, 2011 $9.99N/A (N/A)20,000 .. 50,00000:00 (00:00)Fakt SoftwareViva Media
10 Mountain Crime: Requital Dec 24, 2011 $2.99N/A (N/A)50,000 .. 100,00000:00 (00:00)Alawar StargazeAlawar Entertainment
11 SATAZIUS Dec 16, 2011 $5.99N/A (N/A)50,000 .. 100,00000:00 (00:00)ASTRO PORTNyu Media
12 Zombie Exodus Dec 4, 2011 $7.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,00000:00 (00:00)Hosted GamesHosted Games
13 APB Reloaded Dec 6, 2011 FreeN/A (N/A)5,000,000 .. 10,000,00001:04 (00:42)Little OrbitLittle Orbit

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