Games tagged Outbreak Sim
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Playtime (Median)
1 Pandemic: The Virus Outbreak Jun 4, 2020 $1.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)John's ProjectJohn's Project
2 COVID: The Outbreak May 29, 2020 $13.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Jujubee S.A.Jujubee S.A.
3 Come on-be with you Feb 13, 2020 $0.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)yunizaiyiqiyunizaiyiqi
4 Outbreak: Epidemic Feb 11, 2020 $9.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Dead Drop Studios LLCDead Drop Studios LLC
5 Bio Inc. Redemption Mar 8, 2018 $12.99N/A (N/A)50,000 .. 100,0000%00:00 (00:00)DryGin StudiosDryGin Studios
6 Rainy City: Pandemic Aug 10, 2020 $5.94N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)LunaBeatLunaBeat
7 Virus Petya Feb 13, 2018 $0.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Laush Dmitriy SergeevichLaush Studio
8 Corona Simulator Jun 23, 2020 $12.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Phodex GamesPhodex Games
9 40 Days [四十天] Nov 28, 2017 $4.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Black Phoenix StudioBlack Phoenix Studio
10 Pathogen-病原体 Apr 2, 2019 $6.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)折翼的红领巾折翼的红领巾
11 VIRUS OF SURVIVORS:LIFE SIMULATOR Sep 16, 2017 $9.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Theodor NiklasTheodor Niklas
12 Pandemic: The Board Game Aug 24, 2018 $9.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,0000%00:00 (00:00)Asmodee DigitalAsmodee Digital, Z-Man Games
13 Trojan Inc. Jun 7, 2017 $2.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)WalkBoy StudioWalkBoy Studio
14 Evil Labs Jun 15, 2018 $10.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,0000%00:00 (00:00)Mirabolis StudiosMirabolis Studios
15 Quarantine Feb 9, 2017 $9.99N/A (N/A)20,000 .. 50,0000%00:00 (00:00)Sproing505 Games
16 Infectonator 3: Apocalypse May 10, 2018 $12.99N/A (N/A)20,000 .. 50,0000%00:00 (00:00)Toge ProductionsArmor Games Studios
17 Outbreak Jan 17, 2017 $9.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,0000%00:00 (00:00)Dead Drop Studios LLCDead Drop Studios LLC
18 Pestis May 10, 2018 $1.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,0000%00:00 (00:00)DIEDEMOR STUDIO GAMESLaush Studio
19 Plague Inc: Evolved Feb 18, 2016 $14.99N/A (N/A)2,000,000 .. 5,000,0001.48%21:50 (14:33)Ndemic CreationsNdemic Creations
20 War Of The Zombie Apr 4, 2018 $12.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,000NAN%00:00 (00:00)Van der Veer GamesVan der Veer Games
21 Infect and Destroy Jan 29, 2015 $6.99N/A (N/A)0 .. 20,0000%00:00 (00:00)FarrugiaSoftFarrugiaSoft

Outbreak Sim

Games with this tag: 21
Average userscore: N/A%
Average metascore: N/A%
Average playtime: 21:50
Total copies owned: 2,316,000
Average price: $8.37

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